May the force be with you
Arthur Michael Abrams, 24 years old
Back in New York full time
Waiting for the premiere of my first big film with no other than my baby mama, Lauren Zizes
Why would a young movie directior chose living in the Broaway city instead of sunny LA? The answer is simple: The Big Apple is where my heart belongs. New York is the place where I went to College, lived independently for the first time in my life, and where my two best friends Sam (who I met when I was three) and Mercedes (you joined us when we were six) invite me over to eat all their food.
But above anything, it is the city when I fell in love for the One and Only : Miss Quinn Fabray, my Tease.

What happens in Vegas…//Quartie

Artie never really got all that excitement in going to Vegas…maybe cause he was a little…ok, he was very scared of sex and that city was named the sin city after all. The trip had been fun for the first couple of days: nice clubs, fancy hotels to visit, his friends, his girlfriend. Above all his girlfriend: just seeing her, having fun by the pool, laughing loudly, dancing around was more then enough to make this trip worth it.Maybe it had been to stubborn from his part to refuse to take his t-shirt of while she got in the pool, to refuse to get in with her: but he wasn’t ready for a lot of stuff yet, her seeing all his scars or his skinny legs was on top of that list. She was just…so perfect. He was afraid that from one minute to another she will realize she could have whoever she wanted and leave him for good.

This morning in particular didn’t seem quite as good: his head seem to weight a thousand pounds and he couldn’t even open his eyes all the way up. “Sam” Artie mumbled, having trouble to even listen to his own voice. He had no answer…and getting worried he searched for his glasses, resting on the night table: his best friend was definitely not there. Freaking out, the blue-eyed boy started looking for his cellphone, who wasn’t next to the place where his glasses were seconds ago, his usual place. He rolled to face the other side of the bed and that was when he saw her: Quinn Fabray was sleeping peacefully by his side, breathing like a little kid with no worries and a little smile on her face…

God what had happened last night…did they? They couldn’t have sex. He still had the same clothes on than the day before, and for what he could see Artie took one hand to his forehead, feeling the contact of cold metal against his skin.Frowning a little, the boy took his hand away a little just to realize there was a ring in his finger. On his wedding finger. Damn.

"Quinn" his voice was still a little weak. He extended his hand a little bit to try to move the blond…and that was when he felt it. His right hand was definitely above certain liquid that a wrong man don’t like to feel in his bed. Ever. His girlfriend was already moving and he just wanted her to keep sleeping. But there was no way out of this now: they had to call someone to change the sheets. He knew drinking couldn’t end in anything good: he had been so drum that he had totally slept through his cath schedule, and he was about to suffer the consequences.

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